Kristina Goosby and Kayla Goosby are an influential twin duo known as the Goosby Twins. The Goosby Twins are entrepreneurs who co-founded Goosby Twins Stationery. They were born on August 2, 1993, only three minutes apart and raised in Gardena, California. The GoosbyTwins were the youngest out of five children; thus, they provided each other with company, security, and self-confidence. They are an inseparable dynamic pair that motivates and challenges each other to be the best version of themselves. Although they are fraternal twins, their individuality sets them apart.




Kristina, the older twin, attended California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) where she received a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a minor in Child Development. Kristina can be identified by the ‘V’ mark on her eyebrow. She is the outgoing, witty, and resourceful twin. Kayla also attended CSULB and she received a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. She is the reserved, compassionate, and analytic twin. While at CSULB, they both were Division 1 Track and Field Athletes. Outside of school, the Goosby Twins pride themselves serving and helping the community. Their community involvement took a hands-on approach by leading by example through health education and outreach. In their spare time, they enjoy cooking, traveling, scrapbooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.



The Goosby Twins’ family has been their biggest influence and supporters in which they inspired the twins to set their own path in life. Kristina and Kayla designed Goosby Twins Stationery to extend an invitation for women around the globe to network and achieve their goals; as well as, to create an inclusive avenue for minorities to plan their dreams and future endeavors. The vision of Goosby Twins Stationery is to highlight the diversity of women around the world. Furthermore, they aim to cultivate a universal movement to empower and uplift not only our generation rather the future generations to come. Their planner line is a yearly organizer that allows their customers to dream, set goals, and network while planning and prioritizing their day-to-day lives.

The Goosby Twins thank God, their parents, family, friends, and supporters for their support and continuous encouragement. Without you, Goosby Twins Stationery would not be a success.