NY Planner Addict Interchangeable Cover

Interchangeable Cover

GoosbyTwins Stationery has been invited to speak at their very first Planner Conference. The girls will be talking about their entrepreneurial journey at the NYC Planner Addicts Expo Conference taking place July 29, 2021 in NYC. The Goosby Girls have created a very special yet limited edition collection specifically for the conference. These items can only be purchased leading up to the conference and on the day of the conference. There will only be limited quantity and is on a first come first serve base. 

 Interchangeable Covers are perfect for those who want to switch in and out of designs throughout the years. These covers are durable and will keep the inside perfectly intact. 

What’s Inside:  GoosbyTwins NY Planner Addict Interchangeable Cover

 Specifications: Dimension 7"x9" Interchangeable Cover

  • Front & Back Cover Creative Design

Sticker Disclaimer: Due to different screen displays, colors seen on screen may vary slightly from the colors on the printed item.