2023 Hour Glass Dated Planner

The GoosbyTwins Yearly Planner will allow you to plan out your life and stay focused. Use this planner as a tool to keep you on track of your organization and productivity. Plan by using the yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars. This planner is good for entrepreneurs, professionals, teachers, students, athletes, activists, and achievers. 


What’s Inside: 

  • Intact Cover
  • 2023-2026 Yearly Calendar Overview
  • 1 Sheet Dedicated to Special Occasions
  • 2023-2024 Monthly and Weekly Calendar
  • Monthly Expense Section
  • Pocket Folder for Miscellaneous Items
  • Larger Spiral-Coil

Specifications: Dimensions: Custom Sizing

  • Page Count: 236 printed front & back (Start: January End: December; 12 Month)
  • Paper Type: Thick/Rich Paper
  • Spiral-Coiled

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