Take Trips no Matter the Season

Our Take Trips no Matter the Season Collection makes the perfect addition to any planner. This collection was inspired by our alter egos Kylr (pronounced clear) and Karma who are a joy to have around, from cool nights out on the town to tackling social issues these girls are forcibly the most down to earth individuals. Many of our stickers can be used in other planners with no problem or with little adjustments.  

What’s Inside: (2) Take Trips no Matter the Season Doll

2 different varient options 

  1. Bad & Bougie Doll
  2. Summer Time Fyne Doll
  3.  Bad & Bougie Accessories
  4. Summer Time Fyne Accessories

Specifications: Measurements: 4”x 3” Doll

  • Two (2) Individual Sticker Dolls
  • Paper Type: White Matte

Sticker Disclaimer: Due to different screen displays, colors seen on screen may vary slightly from the colors on the printed item.