Go Wild 2023 Subscription Box Pre- Order

The GoosbyTwins are official sponsors of Go Wild 2023. They have curated a subscription box full of everything Go Wild DC. If you are looking to be a secret agent a part of LLAMA FOR PRESIDENT campaign, snag this subscription box before it’s too late. Join in on the fun and purchase today!

Shipping Notice Disclaimer:

All 2023 Go Wild Sub Boxes will ship out middle of January. Please be mindful that this sub box is for Go Wild 2023 and you will be PRE-ORDERING your subscription box and understand that it will not ship out until the middle of January 2023. 

What’s Inside: 
• Notebook
• Washi Tape (2)
• Vinyl Stickers
• Notepad
• Dashboards with Tabs
• Go Wild Postcards
• 1 secret surprise



• Unisex Beanie
• Unisex Socks