Pre- Order Go Wild D.C 2023 Beanie and Socks

Pre-Order Go Wild 2023 Beanie

The GoosbyTwins are official sponsors of Go Wild 2023. Being from Los Angeles, we understand how cold Washington DC is going to be around March. We have designed an official Go Wild Beanie to keep you all warm during your stay in Washington. Use this Beanie for a night out on the town, karaoke night or just a statement piece to add to your attire while having fun at Go Wild.

Shipping Notice Disclaimer:

All 2023 Go Wild beanies will ship out middle of January. Please be mindful that this beanie is for Go Wild 2023 and you will be PRE-ORDERING your merch and understand that it will not ship out until the middle of January 2023. 

What’s Inside: 


*If you are purchasing socks please specify your shoe size in the notes section*