Digital: Spread Love Karma Doll

The Spread Love Digital Download Karma Doll is one of the first products added to the GoosbyTwins Spread Love Collection. This doll not only inspires through creative designs but also adds functionality to the mix. Download and print this to use in your planner and or stationery products. These dolls are perfect for those who rather print their own dolls. These planner dolls makes a great addition to the GoosbyTwins Dated and Undated Planner. 

What’s Inside:

  • Specifications: 1 image (Karma) from the Spread Love Collection
  • there is no shipping of this product, it is strictly for download purposes
  • these dolls are copyright to GoosbyTwins, GoosbyTwins Stationery, and GoosbyTwinsPlann
  • you will only receive 1 downloadable file
  • you are not allowed to sell and or reproduce these to sell