GoosbyTwins x GoosbyTwins Pawz Dog BUNDLE Collection

The GoosbyTwins X GoosbyTwins Pawz Dog Daily PlanPad is one of the first products added to the GoosbyTwins Dog Collection. This Collection is a collaboration between GoosbyTwins and GoosbyTwins Pawz which is a minimal luxury loungewear with their animal in mind. This PlanPad not only inspires through creative designs but also adds functionality to the mix. Use this PlanPad to plan your dogs' day to day schedule. This PlanPad has an hourly schedule, to-do list, and note section all in one. This PlanPad makes a great addition to the GoosbyTwins Dated and Undated Planner. 


What’s Inside:

GoosbyTwins Dog Interchangeable Cover

One (1) GoosbyTwins Dog Daily Plan Pad

Two (2) variants of GoosbyTwins Dog Doll

Two (2) variants GoosbyTwins Dog Accessories

Specifications Interchangeable Cover: Dimensions: 7.25”x 9”

Specifications Accessories: 

  • One (1) Individual Sticker Accessories
  • Paper Type: White Matte

Specifications GoosbyTwins Dog Doll: 

  • Two (2) Individual Sticker Accessories
  • Paper Type: White Matte

Specifications GoosbyTwins Dog Daily Plan Pad:Dimensions: 6”x 9”

  • Page Count: 30 sheets

What’s Inside: 30 sheets in this Daily PlanPad

  • daily schedule
  • to-do list
  • note section