Custom Cover: 1 Person Full Body

We are rolling out something new. There will only be a selected amount of custom illustrations we will do each month. You will receive a custom illustration which will include 1 Person on an Interchangeable Cover. 

What's Inside: Interchangeable Cover with your Illustration

Specifications: Cover Dimension 7.25"x 9"

Please email your designs to Please allow 2 business days for an approval response. 

Please Include:

  • Clear Photo Image
  • Outfit of choice 
  • Accessories including footwear
  • Background (at an Additional Charge)
  • Name (at an Additional Charge)
  • 2-Person (at an Additional Charge, Please email us first)
  • Digital Image for Personal Use ONLY (PDF, PNG, JPEG) (At an additional charge $75, Please email us first)

Disclaimers: Processing time will be between 2-6 weeks not including shipping time.

Please be mindful that custom illustrations are non-refundable once GoosbyTwins illustrator has started the illustration process. You will be given 2 revisions, after 2 revisions you will be charged $15 for every additional revision. Keep in mind this is an illustration and not a real life person. GoosbyTwins designers do their very best at ensuring your illustration resembles you in the upmost way. 

GoosbyTwins own the rights to this custom illustration and currently do not offer commercial rights.